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Just a couple updates.

Dateline: 6/16/2010.

I’m in Tennessee tonight. Brought a load of plywood from Baltimore to a small town in Tennessee, then got a load of casting sand to go to New Jersey.  Not my favorite state to deal with, toll roads, crowded, and right now muggy.

Hopefully something headed west from New Jersey will turn up.

In other news. The Welsh Highland, cross town link to the Ffestiniog Railway will be approved for operation in October. I expect that a full schedule will wait for the 2011 season. The hold-up seems to have been the design an installation of the warning light on Britannia Bridge. This is the sort of thing that happens when governments are involved. It’s not like anybody had to invent the train crossing.

I find that in the interest of accuracy, I must modify this post. Sometime ago, I read somewhere that there was a bureaucratic hold up on the Welsh Highland cross town link.  As Chris was correct to point out, this was a funding problem.  Furthermore the Welsh Government has been a big help in completing this huge project.

My personal funds may permit a trip to Dublin next year, my Wife really wants to see Ireland. A quick boat ride to Wales seems like a good idea.


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  1. The delay with the crossing had nothing to do with ‘government’, but a lack of money – i believe the design of crossing was approved some time ago.

    When it comes to whats helped and delayed the WHR, i think you’ll find that central government and the Welsh Assembly have actually been two of the the most positive forces – both in terms of approval to build the line, and the release of grants to help fund it.


    Comment by Chris | June 17, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the information Chris. I am at something of a disadvantage, following the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland from Portland, Oregon. Some of the information that makes it to me might have been shaded by opinion, by the time I get it.
      With a little luck I’ll be back out there for a week, next year.

      Comment by klausrl | June 19, 2010 | Reply

  2. …its probably also worth pointing out that the FR-led rebuilding of the line was, in effect, in competition with the local authority for control of the trackbed. If the government had decided to Gwynedd County Council control, much of the trackbed would likely have been lost to cyclepaths, claims of adverse possesion and various road widening schemes.


    Comment by Chris | June 17, 2010 | Reply

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