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It’s been a rough couple years.

Took a bit of time to put things back together. A few of you may be aware that on May 23 of 2017 my wife June Klaus passed away.

Some of you may be aware that those last few years were marked by a degree of tension between the two of us. June had for years a very untrusting nature, and probably in part due to the same Keltic background responsible for her flaming red hair, she had something of a temper.

Well during May last year, her health began to suddenly fail. Actually, it had been headed that way for some time, but she stubbornly fought every step of the way, not even asking for help until the last three weeks.

During that last three weeks a, for me, life-changing moment took place. I had taken a step back from my driving job to spend more time trying to make her situation better, although frankly by then there was not much anyone could do. On one visit to Falls City to try to help, when I was ready to leave June stopped me.

She said, “Love you.”

I responded, “Love you too, always have.”

June. “I’ve been wrong about the past, haven’t I?”

Me, “Well yes.”

June. “Can you ever forgive me.”

Me. “Already done.”

Ten days later she was dead.

Several people have asked me a couple questions about those last days.

Question one: “How long does it take to get over the loss?”

Answer: “Don’t know, but I’ll let you know.”

Question two, “Would it have been easier for you if that reconciliation had not happened?”

Answer: “Well that’s a tough one. It was a more painful loss, but I would not have traded one moment of this pain for her death not knowing I loved her.”

So there you go. Heavy stuff I know, but now I begin to slowly go on without her.


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OK, really back this time.

Yeah I know, been gone for a while. Working on my first, well second book of Science Fiction. The first was a very A. Bertram Chandler type of work, the main character sort of a space going, free trader. Never finished that story, but it has potential in the future. Of course after all these years it will probably be seriously rewritten.

The current work, tentatively titled “The Dayton Letter” is a time travel work. Very near done, at least to the test read point. This story was spawned by an incident in the past that I did not hear about until much after it had happened.

Several years ago I began to look for some friends from my very early years. Found some but Janet Crouchley was elusive. Not just a name change, it was like she had dropped out of existence. Turns out I was tragically correct.

We had been really good friends in grade school but went separate ways in our teen years.

Finally found a newspaper article that mentioned a Janet Jewell in Oklahoma City. A victim of a serial killer. I dug in deep and yes it was Janet. The details of her kidnapping rape and death are more than I’ll share here, but suffice to say horrendous.

That led to a conversation at the local pub, where Jody, the bartender at the time asked, “What if you could go back and change that day.”

Thus was born “The Dayton Letter.”

Since some of you might be test readers, I’m not going to get into details of the story here, I think that could ruin the whole point of a test read. At this point, what I’m looking for is about 10 people that would like to read a rough bound early version of the story. Maybe for some of you a PDF file for your computer?  Then get back to me with anything you don’t understand about the story. Of course, the problem is that myself and a few people that have been in on the early development know so much about the characters that we might unconsciously fill in the blanks, and let the book come out with gaps in the background.

Now the warning. A few of the characters get a bit adventurous in their adult behavior. An early reader of the first bits said I was very close to writing 50 Shades of Dr. Who. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, but there you are. It’s not a kiddie book.

Anyway, I’m starting to look for those first readers, if anyone’s interested.

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Look forward to hearing from you.

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